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When you drink water and you get a bad taste of it, it is a consequence of having impurities in the water.


These impurities include sediment, chlorine, copper, lead, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, etc. that  contribute making the water turbid, with a bad taste and a strange odor. These are the most and often noticed characteristics of having impurities in the water.


However, all these impurities lead to health problems in the long term, since chlorine or pesticides are really toxic compounds to our organism and heavy metals, which are accumulated in fats, could have disastrous consequences for our organism and for nature itself.

Fortunately,  Culligan has developed its new range of "Culligan Marine" products specially designed for the marine industry. Culligan´s products allow us to drink water directly from our boat´s tanks with full warranty. No flavor, no impurities, totally clean and perfect for human or animal consumption. Thanks to its modular design and their small size, these equipments can be installed in confined spaces ensuring the best results.

In addition, Culligan Marine softeners, eliminates the 100% of the lime water in our boat, getting purer and cleaner water that would allow us to have a softer skin and hair while increasing lifetime of our boat devices.


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