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"Consume up to 10 times less energy for the same lighting"


"Higher quality of light at lower consumption"


"Increase your boat’s autonomy by getting better lighting"

LED lighting technology is the leader. With power consumption much lower than any other type of lighting available in the market and with a very long life and higher quality of light, LED lighting is intended to replace any other technologies in the market.


The efficiency of our boat´s energy can be significantly improved by using LED lighting. Electricity consumption on boats is more limited than being on earth as it normally depends entirely on the storage and on the boat´s generation. That is why reducing electricity consumption for lighting doubles its importance on boats. We all love a good light without downloading excessively our batteries.

IDN Led Lighting Systems ensure the greatest energy efficiency Lumen / Watt allowing you to maximize your batteries. IDN-Naval Research & Development, we think that adapting the product to the customer needs is mandatory for obtaining the best results.  We offer you personalized studies and specific products adapted to your needs, apart from our standard products.


IDN deals directly with the best manufacturers to offer you the best quality at the best price. Good durability is achieved only by the best product in the market and not always the most expensive one means better quality. Contact us and we'll help you find the best product at the most competitive price.


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