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At IDN we are experts in materials selection.

“A good material selection can save us from important service failures and loads of money"


"The most expensive solution is not always the best"



Choosing a good material selection can save us from important failure in services, cumbersome maintenance problems and can remove severe headaches. Of course, in all cases we must bear in mind the economic factor. However, the most expensive solution is not always the most appropriate. Nobody likes to waste money. That is why every problem must be studied into detail in order to find the right solution. Sometimes a good protection is sufficient to avoid the problem; in other cases, it is worth replacing one material for another; even in some cases a small change in the design can eliminate the problem from the root.


If you have a problem with your boat or marine facility, we can help you to find the best solution.  At IDN-Naval Research and Development we are specialized in solving corrosion problems, but feel free to ask any questions you have about your boat´s materials. We are happy to help.


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