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IDN- Naval Research and Development arises from the concern of its founders by trying to optimize and maximize the performance of our boats. We started our activity in the field of boat protection against corrosion due to the deep knowledge and understanding of IDN partners have in this area and the vast potential for improvement detected in the naval industry.

At IDN, we are really convinced that “the impressed current” is the future in the field of protection against corrosion and, with our advanced technology,

we are confident that we will showcase it.

The materials science is a tool that if used properly allows us to achieve better performance while decreasing costs. Unfortunately, in many occasions, solutions that initially pretended to be cheaper suddenly became much more expensive that what they were supposed to.  IDN tries to fix these problems and make our customers´ life easier. We are experts in selection and use of materials and we are more than happy to offer you the best solution available to our knowledge. .


At IDN - Naval Research and Development we know that development can only be achieved by prioritizing research and entering in good projects. Following this philosophy, we believe that continuous improvement of our products and innovation in development is the lifeblood of our company.


Currently, we are in direct contact with leading companies in electronics and with one of the largest- industrial scale grapheme producer. The result of these collaborations along with our ingenuity, is the development of some pioneering products for the shipbuilding sector that will allow us to expand our product line and by which IDN will make sailing more pleasant , efficient and environmentally friendly.


At IDN we love nature,

so we thought that we must take care of everything that is within our reach.


We therefore believe that if we can avoid the dissolution of heavy metals while we save on fuel and we improve the performance of our boat, is worth trying.


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