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Our equipment adapts to any type of boat; from large oil tankers or cargo ships to small-scale, smaller-scale vessels. Characterized by extraordinary energy performance, they adapt to the needs of your boat.


Our automatic equipment adjusts the protection current to the level of protection in each situation, either during navigation or in port.

With a compact size, large capacity, and the design of their electrodes, they are easily installed and versatile, offering great benefits to shipowners.


Improve the hydrodynamics of the hull by eliminating the effect of sacrificial anodes, which results in fuel savings and eliminate maintenance by sacrificial anodes, which reduces maintenance costs, in addition to preventing the dissolution of heavy metals to the sea and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Active protection: Impressed current

If you want to forget about annual maintenance of anodes and obtain more efficient protection and adaptable to your boat´s needs, we recommend you install an impressed current cathodic protection system.


Through a non-consumable current dispersing electrode, it is possible to apply the needed current protection with the advantage of being able to adjust the current of protection to the real needs of your boat maintaining control over the protection parameters.



At IDN we work with different Impressed Current equipment to be able to adjust to the needs of the boats. The PRO-3 equipment allows us to protect smaller boats while the AUTO equipment allows us to protect larger boats. In IDN we also have PESCATHODE equipment, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment specially designed for fishing vessels.


To be able to select the equipment that best suits the needs of your boat, at IDN we carry out an individualized study of your boat and determine the protection needs to offer you the equipment that best suits you. To obtain a non-binding quote, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.




At IDN we can adapt the Impressed Current equipment to different boats in the professional nautical sector such as passenger boats (tourist), fishing boats, patrol boats, etc.


Customer boats with our Impressed Current Cathodic Protection equipment’s.