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Product lines

En IDN-Naval Research and Development takes advantage of the technological development for your benefit and for our planet. Our goal is to help you increase the performance of your boat with solutions that allow you to save money while taking care of the environment. At IDN, we

believe that development is only achieved by prioritizing research and good projects. Innovation and continuous improvement are the core of our company.


Control System

Because there is nothing worse than getting your boat prepared to go sailing and encounter a major problem that prevents us from doing so, IDN has developed a remote-control system that allows you to monitor in real time the state of your boat´s cathodic protection and the influence of neighbouring ships along with other parameters of great utility for your boat’s maintenance such as the connection to the mains of the port, the battery voltage or the presence of water in the bilges. In addition, we offer some domotics to condition the boat before sailing.

We explain how our control system works in the following video:

Impressed Current Cathodic protection (ICCP).

Achieve more efficient and maintenance-free protection with our high-efficiency impressed current cathodic protection systems.


Forget changing sacrificial anodes every season and stop worrying about excessive consumption. Our system does not require annual maintenance and allows you to achieve a constant and effective protection over your boat.