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UNDERWATER HULLKS (Ultrasonic Antifouling)

The proliferation of algae  along with shellfish fouling on the hull of our ships is a persistent and difficult problem that have always existed.


Annually, all boats must be cleaned and treated by adding new layers of antifouling paints with the subsequent maintenance costs and pollution associated with this type of paintings.


Fortunately IDN offers  a revolutionary solution. The new DUMO ACM Antifouling System.


This revolutionary ultrasonic antifouling prevents the growth of algae and snails without releasing any contaminating agent; hence, it protects the environment and highly reduces  the costs  on maintaining your boat.

The new DUMO ACM Antifouling System is very easy to install. This device consists on an ultrasound transmitter and a generator that lets you control the most appropriate ultrasonic wave and optimize its performance to each circumstance.

Tested for more than two years, its effectiveness has been more than demonstrated. Its high electronic quality is able to generate the necessary cavitations  that removes algae and mollusks. In addition, studies by independent laboratories concluded that it is not harmful to marine life and does not affect the fish adversely. This is the differential factor of DUMO ACM between other solutions based on the same principle.


Among its main advantages, we highlight:


Low power consumption

Long duration

Free of Maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs

Easy to install