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The best solution against

Explosions & fire

in fuel tanks


Eliminate the risk of explosion with ExploStop®. Effective and innovative system that improves explosion safety in closed containers containing flammable liquids and gases


• ExploStop reduces the catastrophic consequences of sparks, collisions, shots, ignition sources in closed containers.


• ExploStop prevents chain reaction through all the fuel, eliminating the risk of explosion and facilitating a possible extinguishing.


• ExploStop neutralizes electrostatic charges and eliminates ignition.


• ExploStop reduces the economic losses resulting from the evaporation of fuels.


• ExploStop allows welding with small autogenous holes and cracks caused accidentally or by shots in the tanks, without having to empty them.


• ExploStop increases the structural robustness of the tanks and allows the elimination of internal partitions designed to stop the movement of liquids during braking, starting starts, changes of direction, etc.


• ExploStop no maintenance  is required and its useful life is the same as the tank.


• ExploStop is recyclable.


ExploStop® is certified by the following organizations:


• Spain: Laboratorio Químico Central de Armamento-Ministerio de Defensa (2009).


• Austria: T.Ü.V Autria 2015


• Austria: Certificate by the Vienna Council for transport administration


• Austria: Institute for Chemical technology of Anorganic Substances of Graz


• Germany: Dr Klaus Andres – University of München


• Italy: Aeronáutica militare Italiana


• Italy: Registro Italiano Navale – Genova


• Italy: Marina militare Italiana


• Germany: Dr Klaus Andres – University of München


• NFPA 69 ( National Fire Protection Association ) 2008